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What We Do

Chaperone Services

-On Set-


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I am available for chaperoning your youth actor for on-set sessions, voice over sessions and auditions. Ensuring your child is safe, in good working conditions, and enjoying the art of acting when you cannot be there.

Meet and Greet
Audition Chaperone
On Set Chaperone
Voice Chaperone

Clients and Feedback

The sense of relief was immense knowing I has a reliable and friendly service to get my son to his audition when I couldn't.

Melissa Bolognese

Mother of Matteo and Anthony Bolognese

I love my time on set with

Take 5. 

I highly recommend Take 5. Their services allowed me to go away on a business trip while my son was working on his series!

Michelle O'Reilly

Mother of Kiefer O'Reilly

Take 5 ensures that I have a great time while on set.


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Take 5 Talent Chaperone Services


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You have questions, I have answers.

Let me know if you have specific requests that I can help with.

Sandra Petriw